In A World Of Increasing Insanity We Must Endeavour To Become Ever More Peaceful

As world peace is threatened by many political leaders on all sides without an inch of compassion, wisdom or love when taking actions, we as spectators in this madness must endeavour to be ever more peaceful.  Yet these small groups of people in power in many countries around the world are simply reflections, manifestations of everyday inner and outer conflicts in our own personal lives.  It is all connected.

I’m not going to name any political leader or country or event that is happening right now around the world – there are plenty of media outlets for reading this type of material.  What I am more concerned with is how I respond in my daily life and how this feeling of being peaceful can truly affect others lives.  It may sound a cliché that in order to have peace in the world we all must find peace within ourselves, but it is true.  The only way to reach world peace is by ordinary people in all countries around the world taking the necessary steps to empower themselves to not engage in violence in any shape or form no matter who tells you to carry out such actions.  Yet this takes courage and in todays climate many people are understandably living in fear.

Fear is everywhere in all spectrums of society.  Yet if we could just step back, each and everyone one of us, all seven billion, no matter who you are and just bask in the quiet of our own hearts, we would eventually recognise this; we are all connected as human beings united under the banner of unconditional love.  It is only fear that masks this inner connectedness within each and every one of us.

Conflict arises not only on political levels as we all know but on so called local levels such as extreme violence played out on the streets of cities and towns like robberies and murders.  Then we have a medium level of violence such as domestic violence which can be very serious indeed leading onto extreme violence itself and then there is low level violence such as arguments between strangers and even friends.  This is usually over silly little things that in the bigger picture are not important at all but due to the stress and anxiety of modern living are blown way out of proportion.  And then there is a violence that is so subtle and indiscriminate that we all believe this is the most normal violence of all.  In fact we don’t see it as violence at all; the harm that we silently cause to ourselves.

This subtle violence is where all violence begins.  It is at the level of thought which leads us down the path to emotions like fear, anger and in the most extreme, hate.  So what can we do?  The answer is simple; we can only ever work on ourselves.  Although this can seem frustrating and pointless it most certainly is not and by working on ourselves to become ever more peaceful in our daily lives and change the aspect of our lives that may even be subtly violent, we can become a grassroots movement for peace.

Of course this is what has been happening around the world now for some time but we must up the ante so to speak if we are to succeed in creating a world that is truly possible but in order to have that world, a world of peace, we must put our own inner world in order first or our actions are pointless.

You cannot try to change the world, you can only be that change yourself but don’t forget that word that I first mentioned, connectedness.  It is through this inner discovery, by discovering a silence within, by practicing things such as mindfulness, gratitude and being loving in our everyday interactions that you will come to understand that all this is possible because you are the world.  Every action you take has an impact which affects others and they in turn affect people in their own world.  As they say it is like a ripple effect and the ripple has begun but what we need now is not for this ripple effect to turn into a wave but a tsunami so it washes away all the nonsense that leads us to creating the current world that we live in today.  That of fear.

I won’t go into any technique or practice here, for there has been so much written in length in many beautiful books and there are so many teachings on things like Youtube by many beautiful guides and teachers around the world about subjects on mindfulness, spirituality and so forth.  What I want to speak about here at the end of this blog is the need for humanity now to wake up and that means you on a personal level taking the first responsibility and step for peace.  I’m not talking about trying to be a good person; I’m asking for you to look within and work on yourself.  To find the peace within, to find the truth of your being and to be an expression of this.   To naturally manifest in the world the way of peace and when you find that peace you will not try to be it, you will naturally exhume it and know that you are it.

So endeavour now, from this very moment on, right here, right now, to look within and start working on your own inner demons.  I’m not asking for you to create a psychological profile of your personality, I am simply asking you to unlearn all that you have learned.  To see that many of your thoughts and feelings are simply not true and that you can observe them and have the power and commitment to not respond to the world in a negative manner by reacting outwardly from what is often an inner conflict.  When you observe these inner workings and allow them to be, a subtle quiet, a peace, will eventually arise within you.  This inner peace is the very perfume of your original innocent being that has always remained constant throughout your life, it’s just that your attention has been elsewhere.  The truth of who you are is beyond all thoughts and beliefs and strong negative emotions that can sometimes flood your body like a tide but the quiet being that you truly are will, with time and recognition, see this flood of inner conflict as nothing but a ripple on the surface of the ocean of your own inner peace.

So if you are not living and feeling this peace, then just for now stop concentrating on world events, stop listening and reading about violence in the news because you will only be contributing to this in your own unconscious way in your daily life.  If you want to truly make a difference to the world then start by making a difference to yourself.  Find peace, find love, find out who you really are and when you do this, when you find the peace that passes all understanding, only then will you make any real significance to creating a peaceful world that up until now, has only been a passing dream.  A dream of fear.

Sending you love and blessings always.  The first step always seems the hardest but once you begin this rollercoaster of a ride, you will see that this game we call life is not so serious after all; we just need to change our way of looking at the world.  Of where we look from and from this seeing, this deep knowing, true change is most certainly possible.  For you will be the shining example to the world of how to be peaceful, compassionate and loving.  As the enlightened master Lao Tzu once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

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