The Love of Spirit

I’ve recently been going to a mediumship development group learning how to combine mindfulness with our connection to our loved ones and spirit friends.  “Spirit friends is just another way of saying spirit guides” explains the teacher who runs the group and I like that word too.  For me it makes spirit more familiar, to be able to talk to spirit as you would a best friend in a normal down to earth way.  The one thing I have truly noticed that has changed in my life because of this deepening of my connection with my spirit friends is the feeling of a deep unconditional love that can be felt when I connect to spirit.

Of course we are spirit, it’s just we’re having a human experience also. Yet so often we get disconnected from this truth because we allow ourselves through the human condition to be overwhelmed by stress, anxiety and other emotions like anger.  When we are in these states of being we don’t lose our connection to the love of spirit, we basically create a thick fog on an energetic and mental level that lessens this connection to our love ones and the universe as a whole.

It is so important on a daily basis to practice mindfulness and also blend with our loved ones in spirit and also with our spirit friends.  When I blend like this, when I ask spirit to join me and blend with my energy the first thing I notice is a subtle shift of energy within and then a strong tingling sensation follows.  I know others may define the feeling differently, there is no right answer.  But for myself I’ve discovered the deeper that I blend, a feeling that can not be described with words, starts to arise around my heart centre.  If I was to use a word it would be love but that word does not do it any justice whatsoever.  The feeling often increases so strongly that I cry tears of joy.  It is often overwhelming to begin with but as you settle into this energetic blend it is a warm, loving feeling.  It is as if the sun is rising in the morning bringing light to a new day.

And this is the key, there is an unconditional love that so many people are not connected to as they could be because they are creating a dense fog out of fear in their day to day lives that prevents you from having this connection that each of us deserve.  This isn’t to put blame onto ourselves but rather so that we can begin to recognise these dysfunctions within ourselves so we can work on having that beautiful blend with spirit in our everyday lives.

I kind of had a realisation the other day and recognised that this unconditional love is the essence of everyone and once you start to see everyone as this loving energy and that you also feel it you soon begin to know that everyone has the potential to express this.  Through the feeling of this deep love you start to have a connection with the people you interact with on a day to day basis knowing that you and them are alike.  Having felt this deep love more and more in my daily life you start to develop a natural compassion that arises out of a recognition that everyone you meet is also apart of this wholeness and not only that.  Their spirit friends and their loved ones are also trying to touch their hearts in the same way as they touch mine.

With the feeling of this unconditional love, you can see past the human condition of fear.  When people are stressed or angry and they react from these emotions and thoughts even if I’m on the receiving end, if I remember the truth of my being, that of unconditional love, I am able to be less judgemental.  I am able to see that underneath the barrier of that persons pain is a light even brighter than the morning sun just waiting to shine through.  All I can be is an open heart space in that encounter and be a pointer to the truth of our being.

I’m not perfect, sometimes I have strong reactions that arise in me, but the key to mindfulness is not that you won’t ever have fearful reactions within yourself.  These emotional and mental frequencies will always exist in us whilst we are having a human experience.  The key is to simply allow them to be, take a step back, watch this happening and then mindfully make a choice, that of love or that of fear.

The more you invite your loved ones and spirit friends into your life the more you are able to experience life from a way of being that is an expression of unconditional love and the more they will be able to support you in your choices in how you live your life.  Spirit will only ever endeavour you to choose love and if you have the heart to listen it will only enhance your life and that of everyone you meet.

When you combine mindfulness with that of spiritualism you invite the full wisdom of the spirit world into your life and although spirit can’t make you do something, the more you feel the love that they help you to remember, the more you can’t help be just loving.

Have a great week ahead.  Be mindful, be compassionate, be loving to not only others but also yourself.


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