In Stillness

Nature has many secrets she is willing to share,

but only for those who have the eyes to see.

In the quietness of your mind,

to look at the world through sparkling eyes is

to discover a stillness and peace that is a

reflection of your own true inner nature.

Breathe and feel your connection to the

natural world, for she has the greatest love

story to tell.

The beauty of it all such as the reflection of water

dancing and shimmering on the dangling leaves

of a graceful tree.

Water cascading out of a fountain lake falling to

the surface with a glorious mountainous roar!

A sudden shriek of a wild bird awakening your soul.

Sit and just be, in stillness, and allow these secrets to

stir a deep love and peace within you. Sit and just be

still in your mind and let your heart be touched by a

profound wisdom and grace that it breaks free from the

boundaries of any conventionality.

And so, there are discoveries awaiting to unfold,

there is a magic and mystery that is as

real as gold. There is a stillness that is so deep

and vast, a witness to love, that once you remember

this……to know this, you will never look back.

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