A Little Piece Of Mindfulness For Everyday Living – Part Five: Creating A Space For Mindfulness

I feel so grateful for the cereal in my bowl. Thank you I whisper and gently smile. I breathe in slowly and close my eyes with a feeling of happiness and gratitude for the abundance of food that I am so lucky to have access to.

As I open my eyes whilst slowly exhaling, it is such a wonderful experience to really appreciate this meal. Thoughts appear in my mind and just as easily disappear by their own accord as I place my attention on the feel of the bowl I hold in my hands. It’s a cold sensation.

I look at the colour of the wheat, the different shapes and sizes. As I breathe in naturally I can also smell the food and then I simply pick up the spoon and start to eat the cereal whilst simply observing these actions mindfully.

As the food enters my mouth the taste is wonderful, enjoyable. Nothing else matters at this moment except eating my breakfast. It’s a spontaneous action, not wooden or purposeful, it’s eating for the simple purpose of eating. Totally spontaneous and free, a true enjoyment to start the day.

Each mouthful, each gulp is all observed naturally. I notice how the food feels and tastes in my mouth, the noises made by chewing as my teeth crunch away. I notice how the food feels as it moves down into my stomach and then I start to notice the fullness in my belly.

I don’t rush the meal, I just enjoy this period for what it is. As I finish with the last mouthful I really bring my attention into this moment. Placing my spoon in the empty bowl it makes a ringing noise, I listen attentively. I listen with my whole body. Once more I close my eyes, I feel so alive and just for a moment, I enjoy the feeling of my hunger being satisfied.

How many times have you rushed or skipped a meal because there has not been enough time and even more importantly, how mindful are you when eating?

Breakfast on the go is a favourite for many people but by doing this you lend yourself to missing out on so much. Although if you’re one of those people who prefer to eat later on in the morning mindful eating can still apply.

Being mindful at meal times enhances the experience of eating food. I would invite those of you who do rush your meal times to give yourself more time if possible. For example, at breakfast it could mean getting up just fifteen minutes earlier than normal, simply go to bed a little earlier if it helps.

It can be a really good habit by starting to create a small sacred space during the day in between periods where you may be busy and therefore meal times can be the perfect answer. This may suit you if you feel you haven’t had the time to practice mindfulness or you have not been particularly mindful during your day.

By allowing yourself a small amount of time, even for just one meal, by creating a space for mindfulness during the act of eating, you are learning to create a space for not only quieting the mind but also learning to just be in the moment. At first you may like to just practice once a week and for one meal only on the day that you choose. Then naturally increase the meals you eat mindfully over time.

From these sacred spaces that you create during meal times you can then start to expand this practice into other areas of your life. When you first practice being mindful in situations that are not testing or challenging to you then mindfulness will start to become your way of life in normal everyday situations. So the more you practice you will then begin to find that this way of being naturally transfers into other areas of your life. Then, when those challenges do finally arise in your life, because you have been creating these sacred spaces into your daily routine, you will meet these situations in a more calm and understanding manner.

And besides that, life becomes a whole lot more enjoyable, no longer rushed, you just enjoy what each experience brings to you here in the present moment.

These posts are part of my mindfulness course, “A Little Piece of Mindfulness for Everyday Living”. This is a mindfulness course borne out of my own experiences and spontaneous living. It is not a programme for you to follow as a set routine in a robotic kind of fashion. It is simply to inspire you to live a more mindful life. To learn to live in the present moment and to show you that it is possible to live a life of spontaneous joy, peace and harmony.

Let us together, step by step, through our daily living, through the love of our hearts and the peace of our minds, touch the souls of others and raise the vibration of the planet so that we may all live in a more peaceful, compassionate and loving world. Namaste ॐ

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