A Little Piece Of Mindfulness For Everyday Living – Part Seven: Washing Away The Blues

I close my eyes and gently smile as the warm water falls onto my face. There are no real words to describe the sensations as the heat from the water massages my body. As I clean myself with soap the aroma is also pleasing. I listen to the sound of the water coming out of the shower head and of the water dripping off my body onto the shower floor. As I open my eyes I’m met by a wonderful spectacle, the water tells a beautiful story. It sparkles and reflects light, it is truly a miracle. In the moment, with feeling, I enjoy this gift of warmth and heat, a truly multi sensory experience.

I invite you not to rush showering in the morning, or if you don’t have a shower then bathing. Water can be not only relaxing but part of a healing process. As the water falls onto your body, with mindfulness, feel the water like it is washing away any anxieties and fears that you may be feeling. Allow the freshness of the moment to be enjoyed fully, treat this as another way of creating a sacred space.

As you feel the water all around you when you notice any thoughts or feelings that arise in you, let them be there without interacting with them. By using the water as a mindfulness tool, by focussing on the feeling in the present moment you will soon learn how transient these thoughts and feelings are. That they come and go on the whim of some random internal movement. Realise that they do not have to upset your internal harmony. For what comes and goes is essentially not real, only a relative truth, a truth you do not need to be defined or shaped by. For you are more that just these thoughts and feelings, you are the space in which these internal movements arise and fall away. And so I ask the question, who are you as the witness to these thoughts and feelings?

You can not be essentially these words, dreams and images that pop up on the screen of your consciousness and then fall away. For if you were them, would you not disappear also? You can not be the feelings either that arise and course through your body. No. You are something more and it is this that you should explore. In this exploration, this internal inquiry, as you simply become aware of these internal thoughts and feelings the mind and the emotions will slowly begin to settle down if you simply observe and not partake in this inwardly drama.

As you stay as the alert attention, being mindful and as the thoughts and feelings begin to lesson you will start to notice a stirring within. An inner quietude, a gentle peace, a feeling of joy. Just a quiet awareness. Stay with this moment, let yourself marinade in this discovery, in this remembrance.

I would also like to invite you to understand that it is a time for not only practising being mindful during this activity but simply learning to enjoy the simplicities of life. In appreciation of such simplicity where you once may have perceived such an activity as mundane and something to even get over with you begin to see, feel and experience the true miracle of life. Eventually this sacredness will be seen and known in all aspects of your life. These experiences go beyond words although the mind will try to label them.

Use this time in the shower or the bath, this sacred space that you are invited to create to feel energised, relaxed and uplifted. What a wonderful way to start or end your day and let those worries be carried away down the plug hole.

These posts are part of my mindfulness course, “A Little Piece of Mindfulness for Everyday Living”. This is a mindfulness course borne out of my own experiences and spontaneous living. It is not a programme for you to follow as a set routine in a robotic kind of fashion. It is simply to inspire you to live a more mindful life. To learn to live in the present moment and to show you that it is possible to live a life of spontaneous joy, peace and harmony.

Let us together, step by step, through our daily living, through the love of our hearts and the peace of our minds, touch the souls of others and raise the vibration of the planet so that we may all live in a more peaceful, compassionate and loving world. Namaste ॐ


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