The Inner Flame – Energy Healing Unfolding

I recently heard a Reiki Master state that energy healing is constantly evolving. I understand why people would come to this conclusion but as a practitioner of energy medicine for a number of years now I have come to realise it’s not the energy that evolves, but the practitioner themselves.

Unconditional love knows no bounds. It is this love, this universal intelligence and wisdom that often goes beyond the capacity of ordinary human understanding. The deeper aspects of energy healing can evade even the most dedicated practitioner. Yet it is something we can wholly tap into and utilize when we are able to let go of any conditioned beliefs or rituals that we may be holding onto.

Rather than Reiki evolving, it is more that the practitioner begins to allow the manifestation of this energy to unfold within themselves into ever more deeper levels of this boundless, loving, healing force of light and vibration. For we hold the universe within our very souls, our bodies as such. We are literally a microcosm of the universe herself, a cosmic reflection.

Everything in the physical universe is energy and this energy, these quantum waves, arise out of an intelligence that modern science cannot explain. But how the building blocks of the universe come to be does not need to trouble you. You came from this intelligence also and if you are from this place of no-thing, of this invisible field of creative intelligence then you too must be like that which you came from.

You are a reflection of this power and if we allow this intelligence to move through us without any interference, with full reign and autonomy, it will work it’s true magic not only within ourselves but through the bodies of other humans, animals, plants, inanimate objects and of course the earth itself.

The less we do as practitioners, the more this healing force shines through and has a greater impact on whoever or whatever you intend to receive this wisdom. By allowing the conditioned ego to take a back seat, you mindfully surrender and remember the truth of your being; a pure awareness, beyond thought, beyond emotion, beyond the body. You begin to learn that by taking your hands off the steering wheel, the immensity of this simple release allows the unmanifested to create a powerful healing in line with your intention.

A lot of practitioners may use symbols and even rituals to call upon this ancient wisdom. They can be useful tools to begin with to touch upon the edges of this healing force but if we can allow ourselves to just trust in this universal intelligence itself and know that this healing light and vibration needs no complicated human structures whatsoever for it to work through us. When you move from pure awareness and have a simple and heartfelt intention, then your results as a healer will start to shift to a whole new level of greater intensity.

When we finally let go of all that we have been taught, when we just surrender to what is, then the small spark within our heart grows into an inner flame and from this sense of being we learn to let go so that the unmanifested may unfold within our very being and transmit a healing power that transcends all human understanding.

For there never was an energy evolving, it was actually always there in the midst of human misunderstanding waiting patiently for us to discover its secrets.

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