A Little Piece Of Mindfulness For Everyday Living – Part Ten: Creating Small Gaps In The Field Of Time

As I leave the main office I make my way to the lift. I know my destination but I am not there yet. I enjoy this short journey by breathing, feeling and being in the present moment.

As I open a door with a key, I listen to the jangle of other keys on the same bunch. I feel the heaviness of the door as I open it, walk through and then close it. As I turn to face the lift there is a moment, a second perhaps where I stop completely. I feel the essence of my energy body and then naturally I move towards the lift and step inside.

As I press the lift button to go to the second floor there is a moment before the doors close and in that moment thoughts arise of what tasks need to be completed when I reach my destination, though these thoughts at this time serve no purpose. I already know what needs to be done when I arrive therefore as the lift begins to move with a judder I don’t follow this story of thoughts. Instead I enjoy these few seconds just being, by allowing those thoughts to simply drift out of mind as I place my attention on the present moment.

There is the acknowledgement of the aliveness within the body, the natural breathing cycle, the noises of the lift and then there is just presence. I am just there in the lift. With nothing to do, nothing to know, nothing to remember. Nothing to even think about. It is a perfect moment to just be, like every moment can be. My purpose there and then is simply to enjoy being mindful.

There is a silence that permeates within. There is a knowing that can not be described by words. From this natural place of being, of who I am, beyond the stories my mind creates and the emotions that come and go, a calmness arises. A gentle peace within the body responding to that which is ever present.

As the lift makes a sound to announce I have arrived at the second floor the lift doors suddenly slide open. I breathe in naturally and gently smile making my way to my final destination.

During your day you can begin to create small gaps in the field of time to create a space for being mindful. There may be moments when you are stressed at work or in some other situation and when an opportunity arises, something as simple as having a drink, leaving your desk to go to the toilet or some other thing that doesn’t involve the task at hand can help you to create a small gap of mindfulness. To bring you back to the present moment. It only takes a second to take a moment to have a breather as such. To feel the inner energy body, to take that mindful breath, to sit in your own awareness.

Of course the natural development of this is that you will eventually start to fall into this natural way of being more regularly in your life until eventually there are no longer different moments to practice. You will simply be the practice. You will eventually move beyond just practising, trying to do something, trying to attain this or that way of being, needing gaps or time outs to create a sacred space. Instead it will become a knowing that you are this way of being. That it is naturally who or what you are. You will become the space in which everything happens. But for now, enjoy the gaps that you are able to create like the example I used about the journey from one destination to another.

You can even create a small gap when typing, moving boxes in a warehouse, even speaking to a customer. Take one mindful breath before you type your next sentence. If you’re in a warehouse, stop for a moment, a millisecond before you move your next box and then eventually feel the energy as you move whilst doing your work. As a customer advisor, listen attentively when the customer is talking. You can use the gift of listening to go deeper into the present moment and deepen your mindfulness practice. Just as with caring for children, anything really that you need to act upon you can start to make each movement, each action and word, each breath and feeling a practice to create a space for mindfulness.

Let the small gaps permeate through your daily actions so that the small gaps that you start to create eventually begin to manifest into every aspect of your life.

At this point when I talk about “being” and your “true Self” it can get confusing but we are really moving into the realm now that exists beyond words and even experience to a certain degree but the key is not to get hung up about the words and trying to work it all out in your head.

We have to use words but the words are only to point you in the right direction. Don’t become distracted by them, use them intelligently, use the practices only as a tool and then when you get to that mindful place, that place where you can just be. It then becomes an invitation to drop the teachings, to let go of everything you have ever learnt and just be in the moment, mindful.

Just like the old Buddhist saying, “the finger pointing to the moon is not the moon itself”.

These posts are part of my mindfulness course, “A Little Piece of Mindfulness for Everyday Living”. This is a mindfulness course borne out of my own experiences and spontaneous living. It is not a programme for you to follow as a set routine in a robotic kind of fashion. It is simply to inspire you to live a more mindful life. To learn to live in the present moment and to show you that it is possible to live a life of spontaneous joy, peace and harmony.

Let us together, step by step, through our daily living, through the love of our hearts and the peace of our minds, touch the souls of others and raise the vibration of the planet so that we may all live in a more peaceful, compassionate and loving world. Namaste ॐ


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