To live from inspiration,

To live an inspired life,

Is to live from spirit,

From a perception of the world

that the ordinary thinking mind

cannot even fathom.

Break out of your mold and be free,

Rewrite the stars,

Follow your heart,

Feel the love of universal wisdom

flow through your very soul.

I am the spirit of the thing itself,

A binary aptitude of will and

transgression of what might be

called the lower self, ones ego.

Rise above and be free, fly like a bird,

Spread your wings and let grace

carry you far and wide,

For to be inspired is to have a

love affair with life itself.

Call forth your inspiration and live

daily from that platform,

Set a precedence with yourself

that each day you will act in

accordance with the flow and

harmonious longings your true

heart desires.

For to truly live, is to be…….INSPIRED!




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