The One Heart Healing Way

One heart. One love. One home. One human family.

These are the principles of the One Heart Healing Way. It is recognising that in order to have peace in the world we must first have peace in our own hearts. It is an invitation to bring healing to our minds, our emotions, our bodies and our souls.

When we touch upon the essence of who we are, that which is unconditional love, we begin to see the world as a reflection of ourselves. That we are connected to a greater whole than just our individual selves. That the entire human family is connected by one universal heart, a universal love and with this deeper understanding we come to a clear realisation that we are no longer separated by borders or nation states. That on a round world there are no borders, just one home for everyone. A home we can share as one human family.

Beyond colour, beyond creed, beyond race and religion we hold the key in our hearts to bring peace to the world. To go beyond the conditioned earthly mind and touch upon the soul. To know, to feel, to move from this inner connectedness. The One Heart Healing Way is your invitation to embrace your humanity, to embrace your gentleness, your compassion.

We can turn around now and walk in a new direction, hand in hand, away from fear, from greed, from hate. We can walk the path of The One Heart Healing Way. Together, as one.

Eyes to eyes, heart to heart, in stillness and love we shall meet. The choice is ours. The journey begins here, right now.

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

― Alice Morse Earle

four people walking while holding each others arms
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