The Gift Of Your Heart

My heart is a gift I wish to give to the world,

I no longer want to be afraid of the unknown.

Walk hand in hand with me in this unified,

glorified expression of unconditional love.

Together we will make a difference, not alone.


When it rains, dance and jump in the puddles of life,

laugh till your heart is content….. and more!

reach out to those who have forgotten how to live, how to love and

show them a world of magic where we are free to roam,

invite them on this mystery tour.


My heart is a gift I wish to give to the world,

with open arms and compassion I wipe

the misperception of fear from my conditioned


I see you and I my beloved as one,

I march forward with the fierceness of grace

unbeholden to those who might try to convince

us that the world is not like so.


For my heart is a gift to the world,

This is an invitation to give the gift of your heart also,

And so………

Will I stand alone or will you meet me as one,

holding our hearts so open,

Walking home in unison.


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