The Inner Pearl Of Wisdom

At times we live with many emotions that we often label as being negative, too strong to handle or just plain bad. We try to run away from them, distract our minds by keeping busy in the hope that they will dissipate by focusing on other things.

These distraction techniques can and do work sometimes but more often than not we simply delay the inevitable and no matter how much we try to run away from, ignore or cover up these negative emotions and thoughts, the same patterns eventually re-emerge into your everyday awareness leading to continual cycles of mental and emotional suffering and pain.

Some of the diversion tactics one may use can be simple things like watching television, listening to the radio or reading.  Immersing yourself in your imagination can help you to “switch off” from your current issues and life situational problems for a short while.

You may also find that you turn to alcohol, drugs, food or use sex to try to stave of these unsettling feelings and thoughts and again, although they may act like a plug to stave off the incoming tide of negativity, eventually these issues resurface and the battle between being happy and unhappy starts all over again leading to ever more deeper levels of internal pain.

Anxiety, depression, anger issues, frustration, loneliness, sadness and stress. These are many of the by-products of this entrenched and lingering internal pain. But, there is another way to manage these issues in a mindful and compassionate way to bring greater emotional and mental wellbeing.

In your heart there is a pearl of wisdom that is able to transform your suffering into the light of consciousness, enabling inner peace and joy.

There is a solution to dealing with these internal affairs. I understand how emotional and mental pain feels and how it can affect your very way of being but I also want you to understand that you no longer have to be affected by inner turmoil any longer.

This is an invitation for you to create real change and it is through simplicity that those changes can occur.

The inner pearl of wisdom is your very awareness, your presence. Although you may find the information I am about to share with you seem almost too simple in its nature to have any real lasting effect on your emotional and mental health, it is only through simplicity that real transformation can happen. I know this because I too have travelled this well trodden path only to realise that the path was never really real.

Whatever emotions arise in you that you deem to be negative or too strong to handle, all I invite you to do is become intensely aware of that pain, aware of your anger, whatever it may be. I want you to feel it fully, to really dive into it. If there are any thoughts that arise with this feeling or emotion which there most certainly will be, just for now, allow the thoughts to arise knowing in time they will also disappear from your mind, as they always do and when you realise you have been distracted by these sudden thoughts simply return to feeling fully the emotion or the feeling that is currently within you.

The reason why we work with the emotion or feeling is because our emotions and feelings are a reflection of our thoughts. So instead of trying to unravel this internal pain in our mind constantly with internal chatter in your head all you need to do is stay with the emotion. As you stay with the emotion and feel it fully you will begin to notice eventually that the mind begins to quiet down and this is where the magic of transformation happens. By simply bringing your mindful attention to an emotion or feeling it helps to unravel not only the emotional body but the thoughts that are also connected to them.

It is in the silence of your being that true healing can occur.

As you begin to stay with the emotion do not judge yourself for feeling these things. Know that you are not alone in this endeavour. That millions, in fact billions of humans are suffering everyday with some sort of inner turmoil except now, you have a key to open the doorway to a new opportunity to transform your pain.

At first your mind will try to distract you, you will feel like you will want to run away. In your head thoughts of scenarios and events that were unpleasant that are the triggers for this internal drama may suddenly arise in your imagination but have courage, don’t run away now. You are so close to home. So close to freedom.

Once you realise you have been lost in the mind, in your thoughts, no matter how painful this seems, continue to return to being aware of only the emotion or feeling that may start in the pit of your stomach or it may even feel like it is flowing through your very veins in your whole body. Even if there are tears or shaking, even fear, stay here, for this is a sign that you are healing. You are allowing your body to release this built up internal pain. Do not feel ashamed or guilty, for that is also just a thought.

Let these judgements go. Remember, always return to the feeling with no judgement, no label, just a knowing that for now there is an internal movement within and know that in time this too shall pass but with this passing, when the emotion or feeling returns there will be a noticeable difference, it will no longer feel as powerful.

What will begin to happen through this process is a subtle transformation will begin to naturally occur.

You will begin to notice the more you bring the power of your awareness to these emotions and feelings that they begin to lesson a little. They begin to lesson in frequency and strength. You will begin to notice a rising and falling almost wave like in nature. Just stay here with your awareness and then begin to breathe mindfully into the feeling or emotion itself. Just simple breathing as you feel. Use the breath as a tool to anchor you to the present moment.

As you remain aware of these inner emotions and feelings, it is in the observing of these movements that you will notice a subtle peace arising.

As the inner turmoil begins to settle by simply placing your attention on this movement, what happens is there is a feeling of peace that begins to become more established. In truth, this peace has always been there, a reflection of your soul. It’s almost like a mirror that is covered in dust and dirt, the more you clean it, the more your true Self starts to shine though and reflect back to you.

And that is the key, you are the pearl of inner wisdom, you just made a mistake of believing the dust and dirt was who you truly were, when in reality, you just needed to do a bit of house cleaning to uncover the truth of peace and joy within you.

There is one last piece of the puzzle I would like to share with you.  In the midst of your turmoil, in the moment of the arising of emotions, thoughts and feelings, this experience may feel overwhelming to begin with. You may like to close your eyes at this point though it isn’t necessary. Take a few slow, mindful breaths and then I would invite you to say just two words as you go deeply into feeling your internal pain. Just say thank you. Say thank you to your pain, your anger, your anxiety or whatever it may be.

These two words change the situation from one of hopelessness and despair, one of feeling helpless to instead a feeling of gratitude. An acknowledgement that without the darkness you would never truly know the light. Without sadness, you would never know joy. Without anger or anxiety, you would never know peace of mind.

When you shift your whole sense of being to one of gratitude for these internal feelings and thoughts that at the time can feel so painful, you begin to shift your very perception of these experiences.

You begin to understand that without the mental and emotional unbalance that you have experienced in life you would not be the human being that you are today. With gratitude, instead of feeling like a victim, you empower yourself knowing that you had the courage and spiritual strength to go on. To face your inner demons and transform your pain into wisdom knowing now that these experiences can lead you to live a more compassionate, joyful and peaceful inner life and all you need is the power of your very own awareness, your alert mindful presence.

Most people have never been taught this. All you have ever known is how to fight, all you have ever been taught is how to try to overcome but what most people have never been taught is that one of the most powerful things that you can do is simply to surrender to what is, to allow these emotions, thoughts and feelings to unfold within you. Yet through this surrender and acceptance, by bringing to the table your awareness and compassion to what simply is, you actually begin to transform and absorb these painful experiences into inner peace.

And with these two sacred words, placing your hands on your heart, breathing gently, being mindful and aware, just notice a subtle change to the internal emotion and feelings when you accept wholeheartedly and whisper to yourself the words thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sending you my love and blessings 💛  Namaste ॐ 


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