This moment.

This moment in all its beauty and complexity is…… unspoken.


Silence is a content heart, an unfolding of….. what is.


Step into the here and now, be-here-now.

Step away from any ideas, concepts and beliefs that

your mind holds onto……. and hold onto nothing.



No-thing is embracing, just being……. authentic.

Authentic in truth.


Truth is not an idea, or what is right or wrong.

Truth is what is at any given moment….. beyond judgement.



The deepest folds of my humanity, an air of serenity, a wave of peacefulness, a silent chasm, a profound love of life….. in all its expression.


This moment.

This moment is an expression of what is, where the past and the future are relegated

to a sometimes unruly nature of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Let them be….. for a moment.


As in the now all things shall pass, no more than a relative….. truth.


A passing that in truth cannot affect even the slightest of….. you.


This moment.

Its all there ever is.

In the silence of the mind….. you discover.

Only to discover what was already known.

That your heart was wide open and that you were already….. home.


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