The Tao Of Being

You are here, now, in the present moment. Though who you are is not what you think you are. For you are more than all your thoughts, your emotions and feelings. You are more than your name and the different roles you play in society. You are more than any beliefs or concepts that you hold onto and more importantly, you are not your past or your future.

All these ideas, all these experiences, they are simply relative truths. But if all these things are not ultimately real as all these things come and go on the screen of consciousness, then who or what are you?

What is aware of all these things? As you sit and read this post, who is aware of these words and any feelings or thoughts that may arise within you whilst you read. These words and any thoughts that you are now thinking, any emotions that have arisen, and any feelings that you experience, there is something that is aware of all these internal movements.

I invite you to investigate this for your self. Sit quietly for a moment and observe what I have just spoken about. As a thought arises, you must be more than that thought, for it will also disappear. And when a thought disappears who are you that is left still observing?

Your mind will want to run away from this. But don’t fall for this trick anymore. Let the mind play but stay as you are, as an aware presence. Beyond the thoughts that arise into the field of your consciousness.

When you are a baby, there are no words because you have not been taught a language yet. You are just awareness. You simply be and respond to the moment. Of course I’m not saying there is anything wrong with words or emotions or feelings for that matter. Language is to be honoured, it helps us to navigate through the world and communicate intelligently to others as do feelings and emotions.

But we forget that we are more than these things, we get so lost in thought, strong emotions and feelings and forget the truth of our being.  This is when we can get into trouble. For when we believe that we are solely the voice in the head, the thinking mind, and when we believe that we are powerless to strong emotions and feelings, it is then that as human beings we suffer.

Depression, anxiety, worry. All these things become a reality for many people. Yet by remembering the simple truth of who we are and that we are more than all this that comes and goes. When we begin to shift our attention from these things and just remain as the aware presence, in stillness, then the world is no longer so serious.


When you wake up from this dream like nature, you still honour your life and the roles you play and everything that arises in the body as a thought, emotion or feeling but it is realising that this world is only a relative truth. It almost loses its hold over you. You no longer have to be so serious, how can you be if the world you now know it to be is only a passing moment, only relative.

Don’t cling onto any beliefs or ideas that you have about the world. Just remain as you are, the aware presence, mindful. When you allow these things to flow through you, you no longer feel the need to justify or defend yourself. What is there to defend if you no longer believe in your thoughts or the thoughts of others to be the whole truth of what simply is.

I invite you now to leave everything aside. Just for this moment. Don’t follow any thoughts and don’t even try to stop them, leave them to play but remain as you are.

Let any feelings and emotions arise and also fall away, but don’t be consumed by them, stay as you are.

When you look around the world with your eyes, or even if you can only hear, as your mind tries to label the world, allow these thoughts to come and go, and when they fall away, experience the world without thinking about it. Just be with the world beyond labels, concepts and ideas.

It is an allowing, a surrendering to what is. Though that does not mean that you become a doormat, that you allow yourself or others to be trodden on. No, it just means you begin to accept situations as they are and rather than reacting to the world, you begin to respond and act in accordance with the truth of your being.

If a new thought arises, that is okay, as you observe the world, just stay as you are. For all life is like the wind, some days it is calm and settled, other days a subtle breeze. On some days the wind is a storm but even in a hurricane be the I in the middle of the storm of what is.

For the truth of your being is undisturbed by these things and in the silence of your mind you will observe a subtle feeling arising, as things start to settle with a simple observation, without attachment, a sense of peace is noticed. Yet it only feels like peace has arisen, in truth it was always there, somewhat hidden by the internal noise and busyness of the mind. Yet when the clouded thoughts, feelings and emotions begin to pass and you stay in a state of simple awareness, the sun begins to shine through. You realise what once was hidden was actually always there, shining above the world, unaffected by all the drama of life, the sun just stays as it is.

You are like the sun in your simple state of awareness. The peace that exhumes from your natural sense of being is like the rays of the sun, your presence can be felt by many and the warmth of your love. Stay as you are. Be as you are, here, now, in the present moment. The Tao of Being.



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