Living A Life Of Obscurity

Many people in the world today, especially children, aspire to be famous. To lead a lifestyle where they are worshipped by the masses and to have the riches that come with such a way of life.

According to a recent study of a thousand children aged six to seventeen,  three quarters stated they aspire to be Youtubers, vloggers and celebrities rather than working a so called normal career. 

Although this lifestyle is often glamorised and something that many people are made to feel they should aspire to, to live a life of fame, I’m not saying that this type of lifestyle is wrong. But what strikes me as interesting is that many famous people who are in the limelight not only suffer from anxiety and depression even though they may be rich beyond the average persons dreams, we see a trend of suicide and mental breakdown in many of the people we view as celebrities.

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”

Jim Carrey

Two examples in the dictionary state obscurity  as being;

  • the condition of being unknown
  • an unknown or unimportant person or thing

 A life of obscurity may seem negative in todays world but I invite you to seriously consider this concept as a way to live your life. I love being able to walk around my town and not be recognised or known. To be able to go out to a restaurant without a security entourage, or being able to go on holiday and lie on  a beach without the paparazzi reporting the next day in the world wide news that you no longer have the so called perfect beach body, plastering your picture everywhere.

Of course who wouldn’t want the salary of a famous Hollywood star or the latest pop sensation and although money doesn’t create happiness there is no harm in trying to better our life situation and live a comfortable life but I recently saw an interview with Ariana Grande who stated sadly she was suffering from anxiety and was obviously not 100% happy.

Even though she has reached the heights of living a life that the children of the study stated above wished to aspire to, it just shows that being famous, a celebrity, is not all it’s cut out to be.

Living a life unknown to the world, being “unimportant” brings with it all the freedom and joy that one desires!

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To love life, to be joyful and happy requires no conditions whatsoever. It is the essence of who we are. Although having aspirations to be famous, to be a celebrity of one kind or another is well and truly fine, also know that you can aspire to live a path even less travelled in todays fast paced and busy world of networking and social media.

Freedom comes at no greater cost than not even being able to live your life in peace and quiet. If you remember the old days before smartphones and all the rest of it, although again there is nothing wrong with social media etc, life was less demanding and hectic but you can choose the path of the lesser way once more.

I don’t say lesser as in not as good as, but rather as less in the way of highlighting and expressing your life for all to see on media platforms such a Facebook. Leading a life away from the technological world where you don’t feel the need to tag every moment of your life and update your status with your friends, family, work colleagues and random strangers.

When you live a ghost like existence the world no longer demands your attention, you can go about your daily life with the freedom to express yourself how you please without the judgements of a stranger from the other side of the world. 

If you have a business and most likely also operate online this is fine but maybe you would like to try to keep your personal life free from the outside world. To let go of the need for the world to see who you are and how you conduct yourself on a daily basis.

If you choose to live your personal life in a more obscure way you will find that this way of life it is more peaceful and tranquil. Leave your phone at home for instance if you go for a walk, stay silent from the world and let your heart be immersed in the peace and tranquillity of a simple life where nobody really knows you. When you next go out for a meal with your friends or family, resist the temptation to tell the world about it.

If people knew how wonderful it is to live a life of obscurity rather than to aspire for the world to know them, giving up a certain sense of personal freedom that comes with the territory of fame or even the sharing of their day to day lives on social media you will begin to notice a subtle shift in your own life. You will become less concerned with how people rate you with a thumbs up or down and become more concerned with a life that is free from the negotiations of the world. For if those youngsters knew the cost of attaining fame, even though there are many wonderful material benefits, it may cost you your sanity and your personal freedom.

For in a life of obscurity you are more likely to find inner joy and the sanctimony of peace. I know what I will always aspire to, what will you choose?

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