Don’t Run To The Mountaintop

Don’t run away from your pain, your heartache, your very suffering. Don’t run away from the mind in all it’s tales and stories. Stop running away from your sorrow. 

Mountaintops, beautiful retreats, serene lakes, the birdsong in a quiet park. All of these are tempting to run away to but you have been running for far too long. The peace in your heart starts right where you are now. Here and nowhere else. Although these places are a haven, unless you allow peace and grace to immerse your soul in the present moment, it will not last but will only be a temporary fixture on the screen of your consciousness.

Peace is available to you but first you have to immerse yourself in the scary idea of your own pain, your trembling body, your falling tears….. your broken heart. You have to sit with this and not run away. Let wherever you may be in life, right now, let that be your very mountaintop, be the serene lake of life where any emotional turmoil or painful thoughts come to be seen as only a ripple on the surface of your very being.

For if you sit mindfully with this suffering, no matter how hard it seems to bear, you will begin to notice the coming and going of suffering. That nothing is permanent, always in an influx of impermanence. There is a deep chasm of love within you that gives you the courage to face the dark shadows of your mind and it is in facing this dark place without any judgements or beliefs about what should or shouldn’t be happening, it is here that you bring the light of consciousness and presence to this very moment, this very pain that seems to ravage you at times.

And it is here as the light disperses the shadows with a simple breath and observation of all these internal movements that through the heartache comes with it a surrender to the impermanence of life. Even if you feel afraid, allow those feelings to also arrive and then disappear in their own space and time.

When you shine the light of your own presence onto your very suffering it’s like your own body and mind was a dark room with the blinds closed. But when you look upon it, bringing your alert attention to it, it is like a pale of light with the morning sun that has managed to penetrate a small gap in the blinds.

Even a little light shows what is really in the room and that you truly no longer have to be afraid. In fact once you recognise the illusion of these personal shadows you will walk towards the blinds and let the light in fully as you totally open your heart just as you would open the window and let fresh air clear out the mustiness of the room.

For in you is a peace far greater than any mountain, far deeper than any lake, more beautiful than any birdsong you might hear. But it all starts here, with you, right now. Just a little attention to shine a light on what you feel as suffering, the thoughts you think as tormenting. Just notice, just watch and know that these impermanent realities do not last. Yet what is it that remains permanent throughout all this internal drama? It is you, a being free from suffering, free from pain, free from mental torture. For you are the master of your house and when you remember this true authority with courage and compassion for yourself you will begin to remember. Remember who you are, that you no longer have to be overwhelmed by the suffering, by emotional pain and mental torture.

But I cannot give you this freedom for this freedom is only yours to take and here I wish to offer you the key to unlock the door to your own freedom. To see that even in the midst of all the pain, you are free. Just take your time, be kind to yourself, let go of any judgments of right or wrong or what is expected of you and begin to simply observe. 

This may seem too simplistic but it is in simplicity that eventually you will bear the fruits of freedom for all the world to see. So why don’t you start now? Observe what is going on within, breathe a little, and most importantly, even through your tears of pain, naturally let it all out and don’t forget that beautiful smile you are so capable of.

Sending you love and blessings for all the people suffering in the world. Never give up for freedom is not even just around the corner, you can taste it’s nectar right here….. right now.

Namaste ॐ


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