A Wholesome And Joyful Lifestyle

The vegan lifestyle has exploded onto the scene recently. There has never been so many choices to choose from in regards to most areas of our lives.

There has been a positive move forward increasing vegan products in supermarkets, online stores and retailers as businesses begin to recognise that there is now a higher demand.

From meat-free alternatives to vegan sweets, biscuits, plants milks and butters, yoghurts, cheeses and pizzas, the list just goes on. Everything that you eat now can be replaced by vegan options and you can be as healthy or unhealthy as you please.

Then there are cruelty free household cleaning products such as washing up liquids, kitchen spray and toilet cleaners. Who’d have thought and then there is a full range and variety of cosmetics for women and men. You have deodorants, perfumes, makeup, moisturisers, soaps, shower gels and toothpaste ect. Everything you need to stay clean and smelling good both for yourself and your home.

The choices for clothing and shoes are numerable also now and safe to say you no longer only have the choice of a hemp dress for the ladies with the size stated as “human”. Yes, you can walk around as fashionable as the next person. Amazing!

And finally, when it comes to eating out, there are vegan restaurants, cafe’s and takeaways but also there are many vegan friendly eateries now. In fact most major food chains tend to offer a few vegan choices which means going out with family, friends or work colleagues needn’t be a headache anymore.

You can even enjoy a visit to a coffee house such as Costa and Starbucks, buy a drink with a number of choices of plant based milks and grab a bite to eat. I have even noticed now where I live local independent coffee shops usually offer at least a soya alternative.

Every aspect of your life can now be veganised so that your able to make a kinder, more compassionate and cruelty free choice. Now that is something to be joyful about.

Be the change! 💚