There’s Never Been A Better Time To Go Vegan

Over ten years ago I decided to stop eating meat and at the time I'd never even heard of veganism, I thought there was only vegetarianism. So, when I typed into the internet, "What to eat if you don't eat meat?" I was met with the phrase vegan. Wow! It was like a whole new … Continue reading There’s Never Been A Better Time To Go Vegan


One Heart Healing Is Changing

I'm super excited to announce that I am changing this website and the name One Heart Healing in the near future. Although the content will change somewhat, there will still be mindfulness and spiritual articles but there will be a lot more new content that has always been close to my heart. The fact is … Continue reading One Heart Healing Is Changing


This moment. This moment in all its beauty and complexity is...… unspoken. Silence. Silence is a content heart, an unfolding of..... what is.   Step into the here and now, be-here-now. Step away from any ideas, concepts and beliefs that your mind holds onto...…. and hold onto nothing.   No-thing. No-thing is embracing, just being...…. … Continue reading No-Thing