Eternal Being

No matter how old you are in human years, No matter what happens in your life...… situation, As days and weeks and months and years...…… go by, You as awareness, as conscious presence...….remains. In the constancy of this eternal existence, beyond words, beyond thoughts, beyond all that comes and goes and falls away, You remain … Continue reading Eternal Being


Noble Heart

Be kind, Be compassionate. Take your heart and lay it open for all to see, For they will see themselves.   Be truthful, Be honest and caring in your dealings with all you meet, For they will not forget and in time they will replicate your good deeds.   Be loving, Have empathy for those … Continue reading Noble Heart


This moment. This moment in all its beauty and complexity is...… unspoken. Silence. Silence is a content heart, an unfolding of..... what is.   Step into the here and now, be-here-now. Step away from any ideas, concepts and beliefs that your mind holds onto...…. and hold onto nothing.   No-thing. No-thing is embracing, just being...…. … Continue reading No-Thing