Energy Medicine


If you have no physical symptoms or complaints and are just looking for a therapy to help you relax and unwind please make your way to the Relaxing Reiki At The Salon page. Energy Medicine is specifically for those clients who have physical symptoms and illnesses.

Energy Healing involves using a subtle biologic or universal energy that surrounds and permeates the body which can be used for therapeutic effect.

Energy Healing can heal your body of physical symptoms or at least reduce them so that your life becomes more manageable.

Even though this process cannot be seen by the naked eye, it can most certainly be felt throughout the body by way of tingling, heat and various other sensations.

At this current time there are ongoing scientific studies in the United States investigating Energy Medicine and its benefits. Click on this link to read about a recent study of Energy Healer Charlie Goldsmith at NYU Lutheran hospital in New York from 2015.


Some of the benefits of Energy Medicine include:

1). Helps to reduce and improve pain

2). Accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities

3). Creates deep relaxation helping to release stress and tension

4). Aids better sleep and fatigue

5). Balances organs, glands and bodily functions

6). Supports the immune system and improves blood pressure

7). Complements medical treatments

8). Improves overall wellbeing


Who can benefit from Energy Healing?

People of any age, from the very old to the very young, and with any type of problem can benefit from Energy Healing.

The treatment is totally safe, non-invasive and can be used alongside other therapies, including conventional medicine. There is no physical manipulation involved. There is usually just a light touch from the practitioners hands or the healing may also take place from a distance in the clients energy field.

What are the limits of Energy healing?
I find that Energy Healing responds differently to each individual person though it does not require belief or faith for it to be effective. Even though the list is not exhaustive or black and white people tend to fit into these four categories:-

Firstly, I have clients that respond really well to the Energy Healing after just one session with physical symptoms being dramatically reduced or disappear altogether leading to no further sessions.

Secondly, there are clients for example where their pain levels were reduced but they require a couple of extra follow up appointments. Usually between 3-4. During these sessions the symptoms then remain reduced and become manageable to live with or as in the first category disappear altogether.

Thirdly, there are those clients where their symptoms lesson or dissipate for a few days or weeks and then their symptoms return to how they were originally. So these clients if they so choose sometimes have continuous treatment. This also includes clients who’s symptoms are reduced during a session but then as soon as the treatment is over the problem they have returns to it’s original form. It is then up to the client if the benefits outweigh the negatives and if they feel that even to have a relief for a short time is worth it or not.

Fourthly, there are those people who the healing itself has no affect whatsoever. If this is the case and there has been no improvement whatsoever from your first session then I would say Energy Healing, at this time, is not going to work for you.

BUT…… and this is why I say it’s not black and white. Some clients who have been in pain or have had some kind of illness or physical symptoms for a few days, weeks or a number of years, due to blockages in the body’s energy system may find the next day or over a week or so their symptoms have reduced, feel better or do disappear.

You can measure that it was due to the healing by the fact if you haven’t altered anything in the way you treat yourself. If your symptoms have then reduced but still remain in one form or another you may like to retry the healing and see if it helps further, unless of course it is manageable and you don’t feel you need any more sessions. But if you decide to go ahead with more sessions this may be a step by step process over a number of weeks or less depending on each individuals circumstance.

Not sure whether Energy Healing is for you, let me help you?

Everyone gets their first session for free. So if you’re worried about spending money on something that might not work for you then you can let your mind be at ease now.

And if you find that you are in the first category of people and the Energy Healing resolves any issues that you have from just one session then the healing won’t cost you a penny.

Just like with any treatment, not everyone responds well. Why the energy healing works well for some but not others I do not know. I can’t promise you the world of course, all that I can do is try my best and see if it helps.

I always invite people to at least try it once, what have you got to lose? If nothing happens then you haven’t gained or lost anything. I feel its important in life to not be closed off to an idea completely, but to have at least a healthy scepticism.

What if I want to carry on my treatment, what is the cost involved?

I understand that in the current financial climate, finances can be stretched and therefore I believe that in order for everyone to have access to this healing, not just those who have money, I feel that a fair price for both parties for the Energy Healing sessions are £10.

The sessions last no longer than half an hour. Sometimes a healing happens in the space of around 2-10 minutes. It can be as quick as that believe it or not. The real test is always how you feel and whether or not your symptoms have reduced or disappeared.

If after the thirty minutes there has been no improvement whatsoever then the treatment is no longer worth pursuing.

Portrait of Happy doctor isolated on white background

If my symptoms have disappeared or reduced am I okay to stop seeing my Doctor/Health Care professional?

Energy Medicine is here to complement any care that you may be receiving from a Doctor or Health Care professional, it is not a replacement. If you do have symptoms of one kind or another then it is important that you see a Doctor first and foremost.

Even if your symptoms have improved or disappeared altogether you must speak to your Doctor or Health Care professional to discuss the best options for your medical care.

I do not diagnose conditions nor do I prescribe or perform medical treatment, nor interfere with the treatment of a medical professional. Energy Healing does not take the place of medical care but can complement any medical or psychological care you may be receiving.

I am very happy for you to tell your Doctor or Health Care professional about the Energy Healing and if they want to be involved in this process in anyway I am happy to be a part of that and work with them to help you receive the best care possible.


“I had my first healing session with Lee for pain I was having in my stomach after an operation I’d had. During the session I was so relaxed and felt like I was floating on a cloud. The healing lee did has made my pain completely go for around 5 weeks now. I would definitely recommend. It made me feel great.”

– Gemma Louise Hall from Preston, Lancashire

“Lee has a wonderful calming presence and I went to him with a painful shoulder problem, he performed healing around the area and no kidding, when I woke the next morning the pain had gone, I’m slightly sceptical about these things but having experienced it I’m certainly not now.”

– Sharon Purcell from Chorley, Lancashire

“Had my first healing session with Lee today on my neck. I’m amazed that it’s worked and I feel so much better.
Would definitely recommend him to everyone. Thank you Lee”

– Alison Lawson from Preston, Lancashire


And finally……

If you have any more queries or questions please feel free to contact me either on the contact page on this website or you can find me on Facebook or Twitter.

I always work in a professional manner and I pride myself in doing the best I can for each individual always in a caring and confidential way. Before any session begins, there will be a brief discussion that covers any specific needs or areas of concern that you may have. I bring to your session my full compassion, deep listening, intuitive guidance and professionalism. I am fully here to support you.

I find that this work, using Energy Medicine has not only changed my life for the better but it really inspires me and makes me happy that I am also able to touch other peoples lives in a positive manner working in a heart centred and soul inspired way.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.