Relaxing Reiki At The Salon


If you are looking for Energy healing sessions because you have a physical symptom or illness then please go to the Energy Medicine page but if you’re looking for a treatment to help you to relax, wind down and de-stress, feel rejuvenated and uplifted, you’re in the right place.

The Reiki sessions at the salon are in an environment where you will receive a well needed rest. Most clients during these sessions actually fall asleep as the energy begins to flow through their bodies creating a calm and safe feeling whilst soothing music gently plays in the background.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning ‘universal life energy’. Reiki is a Japanese technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation that involves channelling energy through the hands to promote balance and good health for the body, mind and spirit.

This unseen energy flows all around us and through us and can be used to create a sense of peace and harmony within the client. The energy although unseen can be felt as a warm and sometimes nurturing sensation.

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What to expect?

You will enter the salon at the front desk where you will be greeted by a member of the salon team and then directed to the treatment room, shown in the picture above, where the Reiki session will take place with myself.

I have many years experience working with Reiki and other energy systems. The Reiki sessions I conduct sometimes reach beyond traditional Reiki by listening to any spiritual guidance that I receive. This may be in the form of using a singing bowl, crystals and chakra clearing.

To begin with you will be asked to lie on a Reiki table. It is preferable to remove your shoes. You will always remain fully clothed although I do advise that you wear loose, comfortable clothing.

As the Reiki session commences you may find it more relaxing and beneficial to close your eyes but this is entirely your own personal preference. Using a light therapeutic touch or at times even no touch as I work in your auric field, I begin to channel the energetic flow of healing.relaxreiki2

How will Reiki benefit me?

I will clear, align and re-charge all your major chakras and energy meridians. You will experience a deep peace as you feel a natural, wholesome connection align your mind, body and spirit leading to a sense of renewal and vitality.

During the sessions many clients report feeling different sensations and feelings. The most common is the feeling of heat coming from the practitioners hands. This feels stronger than just the hands usual natural warmth but it is not so intense that it is uncomfortable or painful in anyway. All of my clients have stated it’s always an enjoyable feeling.

For any other feelings, emotions or different sensations I prefer each client find out for themselves. When the session is drawing to a close I always use a singing bowl that creates a gentle beautiful sound. The energy waves created by the bowl help to flood your body’s cells with a wonderful healing vibration.

Finally, when the session is complete I shall gently tap you on the shoulder to let you know the session has ended. You are then invited to take your time after being immersed in deep relaxation.

When you are ready to come to there will be a cool refreshing glass of water waiting for you. If there is anything you then wish to discuss I will offer any support and advice if needed.


“I wish I had tried Reiki years ago. Such a nice relaxing experience and I felt wonderful after it! Thank you Lee.”

– Karine Kelly from Blackpool

“I went to Lee for a Reiki treatment having never had it before. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I felt so calm and relaxed and after the reiki I felt like I was floating on cloud 9! I felt relieved of all of life’s troubles and so calm and relaxed. Lee is such a calming and spiritual person who made me feel at ease the whole way through the reiki. I can not recommend Lee enough he is amazing!”

– Jen Hudson from Rishton, Lancashire

“I had an excellent Reiki session with Lee. It was very relaxing. I actually fell asleep during the session, I must have really needed it. He is a natural healer.”

– Alan Raistrick from Lytham St Annes, Lancashire

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Where do the Reiki sessions take place?

I offer Reiki treatments on Saturdays at the Simply Gorgeous Beauty Salon in the beautiful seaside town of Lytham St.Annes at 26 St Albans Road, Lancashire, FY8 1TH.

If you would like to book a Reiki session with myself please contact the Salon and they will arrange this for you. The telephone number for the Salon is 01253 722802.

If you have any queries about Reiki do not hesitate to contact me either on the Contact Page on this website or via my Facebook page or Twitter.

How much do the Reiki sessions cost?

30 minutes session new

1 hr session new