Understanding Reiki

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning ‘universal life energy’.

It is a system of natural healing that involves channelling energy through the hands to promote balance and good health for the body, mind and spirit.  Reiki is an unseen energy but it can be felt during a Reiki session by a number of different sensations such as tingling, heat and vibration.  The list of sensations is not limited to these three.

Some of the many ways Reiki promotes healing in the body:

1). Creates deep relaxation, releases stress and tension and aids better sleep.

2). Accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities.  Eases stress and depression.

3). Balances organs, glands and bodily functions

4). Supports the immune system

5). Eases pain and assists with acute injuries and chronic problems

6). Complements medical treatments

7). Increases vitality, re-establishes wellbeing, brings peace and spiritual growth

In our body, our energy can become low due to many life situations that we may experience.  Then our energy centres and meridians, which are located all over the body can slowly, over time, become blocked.   When these energy systems become blocked the universal life energy is no longer able to flow as freely throughout the body.  Over time, if our energy levels remain low, we are more likely to get run down, suffer from an illness or feel sluggish.  We also become more prone to stress, anxiety and depression.

Energy blockages in the body reduce our ability to heal more efficiently and reduce our ability to overcome illness, as well as mental health and emotional distress.


These are the seven main energy centres in the body.  As you can see with the diagram above, when these main energy centres are blocked they can have an affect in different areas of our lives.

A Reiki practitioner taps into the pure energy that is all around us and allows it to flow through themselves into the client, creating a process of clearing, unblocking and releasing stagnant energy.  


When our energy is high we are more likely to be happy and healthy.  Reiki helps to raise the body’s energy leading to greater well-being.  A practitioner taps into this universal energy, which is of a higher vibration and channels it through themselves into the client.

As the energy enters the clients body they experience a relaxed state as the Reiki process begins with a clearing and unblocking of the body’s energy centres and meridians.  This higher vibrational energy begins to raise the clients vibration and it is in this state that the body can begin to heal itself.

People of any age, from the very old to the very young, and with any type of problem can benefit from Reiki.

Treatment is totally safe, non-invasive and can be used alongside other therapies, including conventional medicine. There is no physical manipulation involved.